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Ministry Staff

Pastor Donald Bell, Sr.
(wife Michelle)
Donald M. Bell, Sr. is the pastor/teacher of Covenant Blessing Fellowship, (CBF). Launched in March 2001 with Adult Bible Study, God allowed for CBF's expansion into Sunday worship services in May of the same year.

... Pastor Bell resides in Southern California. He is married and has three children.

Pastor Jay Polk, M.A.B.E.
(wife Saana')
Asst. Pastor, Singles Ministry
Jay currently serves as Pastor of the singles at Covenant Blessing. He has a heart for the things of God (His Word, His Will and His Way) and wants to pass this infectious desire on to all the CBF family, particularly the singles. He believes that the weight of Christ’s great commission (Mat. 28:18-20), which is the making of disciples and spreading the Good News, rest squarely upon the shoulders of the singles. As such, Pastor Jay remains steadfast to his commitment of equipping of the singles in preparation of this great and wonderful work.

David Gunning
(wife Gloria)

David has served as an Elder since 2007.

Don Roach
(wife Estella)
Donald E. Roach serves as an Elder at CBF where he and his wife, Estella, have been members since 2001. Donald and Estella are the proud parents of their three children who continue to challenge and inspire them to facilitate the generational transfer of God's ways and purposes.

Pastor Orlando Monroe
(wife Falana)
Executive Pastor

Orlando oversees the ministerial activities of CBF and the leads Ministry of Reconciliation. He and his wife Falana have been married since 2000 and have four children: James, Evan, Aaron, and Joseph.

Monica Austin, MPA
Business Administrator
Monica serves in support of the Senior Pastor in the administration of the business functions of the church, working closely with the Elder Board, and is in charge of administrating the budget and finances. This position is the steward of the physical, financial and human resources, and supervises the work of the office including general administrative functions, and accounting for payroll and benefits.

Melanie Austin
File Clerk
Melanie serves as support to the entire office staff, working closely with the Administrative Assistant and the Business Administrator. Duties include, but are not limited to: filing and purging year-end files, and preparing files that are to be moved to storage. In the absence of the receptionist, Melanie acts as receptionist and telephone attendant.

Ministry Staff
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